A paradigm shift in communication and network infrastructure is required with ever increasing demands of power consumption, data bandwidth, and fast responding time brought by innovative applications and data explosion. Our mission is to propel technologies in communication and network infrastructure to meet technological challenges and social needs so that we will be able to contribute to delivering the best value to all global citizens, making the world a better place.


It will take time to develop and deploy fundamental technologies on which to build the communication infrastructure of the future. Our vision is to harness the creativity inherent in players across industry to develop hardware, software and service solutions that utilize advancements in wireless and optical technologies to enable the world we want to see.


We will start by targeting solutions required to achieve the next generation communications infrastructure capable of delivering the smart and connected future we envision, that is, a more responsive central nervous system. This will provide the platform on which to turn our shared vision into a reality by accelerating the development of the necessary new technologies, frameworks, specifications and reference designs.

In order to solve various social issues and realize a smarter world by 2030, IOWN technology will achieve:

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