IOWN Global Forum Member Meeting – 15-17 February 2022
Date: 15-17 February 2022
Time: 2pm-4pm PST | 5pm-7pm EST | 11pm-1am CET | 6am-8am TST (+1 day) | 7am-9am JST (+1 day)

*sessions run for two hours each day.

FEB 15-17

2pm-4pm PST

5pm-7pm EST

11pm-1am CET

6am-8am TST(+1day)

7am-9am JST(+1day)

Opening Plenary 90min

Opening Message

−Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Ph. D., President and
Chairperson of IOWN Global Forum

Opening Keynote

−The Next Technology Frontier – Data Centric
Infrastructure over All Photonics Network

−Chris Wright, Senior Vice President, CTO, Red Hat

IOWN Global Forum updates

−New Chairs Introductions, etc.

Working Group activity report

−Katsutoshi Itoh, UCWG Chair

−Masahisa Kawashima, Ph. D., TWG Chair

Proof of Concept Briefing

Speaker: Dr. Yosuke Aragane, NTT

New Company Introductions 30min

Sponsor Members:

−Accenture Japan Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., MUFG Bank, Ltd., 

General Members:

AISIN CORPORATION, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., NetApp G.K.,
Net One Systems Co., Ltd, Nissan Chemical Corporation,
Renesas Electronics Corporation, SCSK Corporation, 
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Toppan Inc.

Academic/Research members:

−Keio Univ.

Introduction of Technology docs 60min


−Open APN Functional Architecture

−Hideki Nishizawa, NTT

−Dr. Yu Tanaka, Fujitsu

−Technical Outlook for Mobile Networks Using IOWN Technology

−Dr. Gary Li, Intel

−Fiber Sensing for Open APN

−Dr. Daisuke Iida, NTT

−RIM for the Area Management Security Use Case

−Katsushi Shindo, NTT

−Ryousuke Kurebayashi, Ph D., NTT

Representative Meeting 60min

**Representatives only; Separate invite

link was sent to representatives.


−Gonzalo Camarillo, Ph. D., MSC Chair

**Each organization is allowed two (2) representatives
(not including Directors, SC/WG Chairs, TF leaders and Documentation Coordinators).

Introduction of Technology docs 30min


−DCI Functional Architecture

−Dr. Clara Li, Intel

−Data Hub Functional Architecture

−Tomohiro Inoue, NTT

−Yoshisato Fukatsu, Oracle

Member presentations & Discussions 80min


1.  Orange vision on 2030 networks

−Eric Hardouin, Ph D., Orange

2. Micro-grid integration with charging station,
renewable energy and energy storage

Albert Lin and Geoffrey Dai, Delta Electronics

3. Scaling highly integrated silicon photonics
optical interconnects for networking and

−Manish Mehta, Ph D., Broadcom

4. Introduction of material technologies for
highspeed transmitting

−Norimasa Fukazawa and Shunji Baba, DIC

Closing Plenary 10min

Closing Remarks

−Gilles Bourdon, Director of IOWN Global Forum,
Vice President Wireline Networks & Infrastructure,
Orange Innovation

Announcements & Photo session