Immediate Focus

The Forum’s initial focus is to address the biggest challenge and opportunity in achieving a smart and connected vision, a capable communications central nervous system. The backbone to this pivotal shift will be the development of a new communications and network infrastructure on which the future can be built. Our sole purpose is to turn our vision into a reality by accelerating the development of the necessary new technologies, frameworks, specifications and reference designs.

Initial efforts will focus on two key transformation technologies:

  • Photonics Network: will act as a communication infrastructure for the future.  An all Photonics Network is an end-to-end optical communication system. It is anticipated that it has the capacity to deliver excellent bandwidth, low latency, flexibility, and energy efficiency. In fact, we are so optimistic that the IOWN Global Forum is targeting a 100-fold improvement to power consumption, end-to-end latency, as well as transmission capacity levels compared to traditional networks.

  • Digital Twin Computing: will enable some of the technologies and use-cases needed for a smart world. The concept of digital twins started in the manufacturing space and is in the simplest of terms the idea of virtual replicas of physical objects and devices.  In essence, Digital Twin Computing extends the concept of this conventional digital twin to humans as well as things. In addition, it aims to enable them to be recreated and autonomously behave and interact without restrictions.