Dr. Masayuki Hattori

Special Appointed Chief Engineer, Sony Group Corporation

Dr. Masayuki Hattori is Corporate Senior Vice President, in charge of worldwide research and development activities in R&D Center, Sony Group Corporation. He received his B.E. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1983 and 1985, respectively, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology in 1995. His research interest includes Information Theory, Communication, Signal Processing and System Engineering. After joining Information Systems Research Center, Sony Group Corp. in 1985, he has been working on the channel/source coding, system design, standardization and semiconductor design for various storage and transmission systems. He was leading R&D Group in semiconductor business unit during 2005-2016, and Systems R&D Group in headquarter during 2012-2017. He is engaged in R&D Center, Sony Group Corp. from 2017.

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