Please note that access to JIRA is limited to Chairs, Task Force Leaders, and contributing members at the request of a Chair or Task Force Leader. To maintain transparency of the work efforts to all members, regular status updates will be provided at group meetings.

All Steering Committee and Working Group Chairs are automatically granted access to JIRA. Task Force Leaders may request access, or request a Kanban board for their group, by sending an e-mail to the Operations Director via [email protected]. The setup of a dedicated Kanban board will progress within two weeks of the request unless there are any questions or issues to address.

Chairs and Task Force Leaders may submit names of contributing members that should have access to the Kanban board. Access requests from members via Confluence will not be approved unless the request is made by a Chair or Task Force Leader via [email protected].

For further questions on how to request access to JIRA Work Management or how to create a Kanban board, please reach out to [email protected].