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IOWN Global Forum Presenting at Interop Tokyo 2022

Date: 27 June – 1 July 2022 JST

The IOWN Global Forum will be participating in the online portion of Interop Tokyo 2022 , presenting on three topics. Representing the IOWN Global Forum will be Masahisa Kawashima of NTT, Hidetsugu Sugiyama of Red Hat, and Katsutoshi Itoh of Sony. Please note that this event will only be presented in Japanese.

Interop Tokyo 2022 Presentation Abstracts

Topic 1: Tech (Overall and APN)

Presenter: IOWN Global Forum Technology Working Group Chair, Masahisa Kawashima (NTT)

IOWN Global Forum’s full-stack innovation initiatives and expectations/possibilities for All-Photonic Network

In order to realize cyber-physical society with infrastructure of higher transmission, lower end to end latency, and lower power consumption, it’s necessary to move from sophisticated individual layers such as network, computing and redesign the technology with full stack.

To realize this vision, the IOWN Global Forum has started activities in 2020, and released six technical documents in early 2022.

In this session, by referring these technical documents , we will explain current status of All-Photonics Network developments, which is one of important elements, in parallel the expectations/possibilities of higher transmission, lower latency, and lower power consumption will be introduce.

Topic 2: Tech (Computing)

Presenter: IOWN Global Forum Data-Centric Infrastructure Active Member, Hidetsugu Sugiyama (Red Hat)

Expectations and possibilities for the next-generation computing, “Data-Centric Infrastructure,” created by IOWN Global Forum

In IOWN Global Forum, we are studying and developing the Data-Centric Infrastructure that supports next-generation computing infrastructure in order to realize the infrastructure that is centering around data that is required for AI business, such as Cyber-Physical Systems, AI-Integrated Communication use cases etc. that utilize All-Photonics Network.

In this session, we will explain about the computing innovations that accompany with the end of Moore’s Law, expectations and possibilities of IOWN based distributed Data-Centric Infrastructure.

Furthermore, from the perspective of RAN, MEC, and Data Hub design, we will explain the synergistic effects of deploying a distributed Data-Centric Infrastructure on the All-Photonics Network.

Topic 3: Use Case * Next-generation use cases and key challenges of IOWN Global Forum

Presenter: IOWN Global Forum Use-Case Working Group Chair, Katsutoshi Itoh (Sony)

IOWN Global Forum’s use-case-driven development and its expectations for business commercialization

Next-generation network and computing infrastructure that have the potential to solve social issues and make people happy.

In order to realize prediction, automation that exceeds human capabilities and remote operations that exceeds the constraints of location and time, and to provide value of real business, the requirement definition/feasibility verification/continues developing and brushing up of technologies in use case point of view is mandatory.

In this session, we will discuss about the use cases defined by IOWN Global Forum, introduce activities related to the reference implementation model (RIM), the proof of concept (PoC), and our expectations for use case realization and business deployment.

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