Use Case Working Group

The Use Case Working Group creates future innovative use case scenarios made possible by the new capabilities and technologies proposed by the IOWN Global Forum. The output of This Working Group will help define the goals of the IOWN Global Forum technology development.

This Working Group will develop varied use cases that support the IOWN Global Forum’s vision. The use cases created will be key drivers in influencing the direction of R&D as well as the development of performance requirements for IOWN’s other technology working groups.

Technology Working Group

The Technology Working Group attempts to identify technical domains, scopes and content that must be developed in the IOWN Global Forum. When scope, content, interest, and participation of a particular technical domain become mature and sufficient, it is expected that it will spin off to become a separate domain-specific Working Group. The Technology Working Group will guide the formation of domain-specific working groups for technology and specification development such as Working Group focusing on optical signal processing and components, Working Group focusing on distributed computing, Working Group focusing on optical and wireless networking, Working Group focusing on interface between device and network, etc. The Technology Working Group is responsible to set up the scope, the content and expected deliverables of the domain-specific Working Groups. The technology Working Group may also conduct preliminary designs and evaluations on the identified technology domains in order to better guide the formation of the domain-specific Working Groups.