Call for Proposals 2020

April 21, 2020

The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum (IOWN GF) will commence its activities to develop a new communication and computing full-stack architecture together with technologies that are intended to lead to quantum leap improvements in communication capacity and latency, data efficiency, computing scalability, and energy efficiency. IOWN GF technologies shall create and augment smart world applications with beyond-human cognitive-communication capacity, beyond-human response speed, linear computing scalability, and superior energy efficiency. See our recently published whitepaper, Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum Vision 2030 and Technical Directions, for details. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for the accomplishment of this vision.

This was distributed as a pre-read in advance of the IOWN GF Steering Committee & Working Group Kickoff Call on April 23 @ 4pm PDT / April 24 @ 8am JST. All members are encouraged to attend the kickoff call for a full review of the IOWN Global Forum activities and details of the call for proposals. Questions are encouraged to be submitted in advance of the call to [email protected].

IOWN Global Forum Call for Proposals 2020