IOWN Global Forum Member Meeting – February 2021

Please join IOWN Global Forum members at the first Member Meeting of 2021. Mark your calendars for a full week of IOWN activity on 1-5 February 2021.


IOWN Global Forum will gather virtually for this member meeting to continue our collaboration and build on the advancements within the Forum and industry that occurred in 2020.


IOWN Global Forum appreciates the feedback following the first all-member meeting, and incorporated that input into the development of the February 2021 Online Member Meeting. We look forward to your participation and encourage all members to use this opportunity to interact with other members and share ways to help promote the Forum’s activities for continued growth and success in 2021.

Please note, registration access is restricted to member company email domains for security; if you work for a member company but do not have the standard email domain, please contact us at [email protected]

Date and Time

1st-4th Feb. 2pm-4pm (PST)/5pm-7pm (EST)/11pm-1am (CET)

2nd-5th Feb. 6am-8am (CST)/7am-9am (JST)

Agenda (Final agenda subject to change)

Pre-Member Meeting – Onboarding Session

Thursday, 28 January: 3:00pm (PST)/ 6:00pm (EST)

Friday, 29 January: 12:00am (CET)/ 7:00am (CST)/ 8:00am (JST)

The IOWN Global Forum will offer an Onboarding session for new and existing members to catch up on the latest activities of the IOWN Global Forum.

Day One

Opening Plenary

Monday, 1 February: 2:00pm (PDT)/ 5:00pm (EDT)/ 11:00pm (CET)

Tuesday, 2 February: 6:00am (CST)/ 7:00am (JST)

IOWN Global Forum President and Chairperson Dr. Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning,

NTT Corporation will welcome our members and IOWN Global Forum leaders will share the latest news and updates on activities and progress within the forum.

Speakers: Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Katsutoshi Itoh, Patti Morin


Monday, 1 February: 2:20pm (PDT)/ 5:20pm (EDT)/ 11:20pm (CET)

Tuesday, 2 February: 6:20am (CST)/ 7:20am (JST)

“The Network of the Future”

Today’s network is a platform that provides highly-valued services and enables innovation. In his keynote, Per Beming, Vice President, Head of Standards and Industry Initiatives, Ericsson will discuss his view of the future of the network, and the role IOWN will play in it. A network evolution journey will take us to that future, where society as a whole will enjoy the benefits that new technologies will bring.

Speakers: Per Beming, Craig Doeden

New Company Introductions

Monday, 1 February: 3:00pm (PDT)/ 6:00pm (EDT)

Tuesday, 2 February: 12:00am (CET)/ 7:00am (CST)/ 8:00am (JST)

Member companies will introduce themselves and their organization to fellow members, including who they are, their team representatives in the I

OWN Global Forum, what they do, and how they plan to engage with the IOWN Global Forum.

Participating Member Companies: Wistron, MIRAIT, Juniper Networks, AJINOMOTO and more.

Representative Meeting (Sponsor Members Only)

Monday, 1 February: 3:20pm (PDT)/ 6:20pm (EDT)

Tuesday, 2 February: 12:20am (CET)/ 7:20am (CST)/ 8:20am (JST)

Discuss the issues and requests to IOWN Global Forum among all representatives of each Sponsor Member companies. The access information will be sent to reported individuals in advance.

Day Two/Three

Steering Committee and Working Group Sessions

Tuesday, 2 February/Wednesday, 3 February: 2:00pm (PDT)/ 5:00pm (EDT)/ 11:00pm (CET)/ 4:00pm (CST)/ 7:00am (JST)

Wednesday, 3 February/Thursday, 4 February: 2:00pm (PDT)/ 5:00pm (EDT)/ 11:00pm (CET)/ 4:00pm (CST)/ 7:00am (JST)

Working sessions will be led by the Chairs on specific topics regarding the work in progress. Chairs will develop and circulate agendas as the event gets closer.

Day Four

Strategic Discussion

Thursday, 4 February: 2pm (PDT)/ 5:00pm (EDT)/ 11:00pm (CET)

Friday, 5 February: 4:00pm (CST)/ 7:00am (JST)


An interactive strategic discussion will take place after we hear from Takumo Tamada, Deloitte on “The strategic marketing approach to standardize

IOWN in a global society: SDGs perspectives”

Speakers: Gonzalo Camarillo, Takumo Yamada

Closing Session

Thursday, 4 February: 3:00pm (PDT)/ 6:00pm (EDT)

Friday, 5 February: 12:00am (CET)/ 5:00pm (CST)/ 8:00am (JST)

In closing, there will be a Working Group wrap-up with Chairs Masahisa Kawashima & Katsutoshi Itoh. Dr. Geng Wu, Intel Fellow and Chief

Speakers: Masahisa Kawashima, Katsutoshi Itoh, Geng Wu, Patti Morin

The IOWN Global Forum will offer onboarding session for new and existing members to catch up on the latest activities of the IOWN GF. Onboarding session will be held in 28/29 of January, please send your name and contact information and submit to [email protected] by 20 of January.

We hope to meet you at the 2nd Member Meeting!