Membership FAQs


How can I join?

Please visit for instructions to join the IOWN GF.

What is the difference between membership classes?

Sponsor Membership is for companies that are willing to commit time and resources to realize the world of IOWN. Sponsor Members are eligible for leadership positions, including a Board of Directors seat and all Steering Committee and Working Group leadership positions. Sponsor Members also can participate on IOWN Global Forum Steering Committees.

General Membership is for companies that are interested in the world of IOWN and want to be a part of its development. With General Membership, a Company is able to vote in all Working Groups, make contributions, and suggest new work areas.

What happens after I fill out and submit the Participation Agreement?

Your agreement will be reviewed by the IOWN Global Forum team for completeness and by the IOWN Global Forum Board of Directors. The review period takes one week, after which the IOWN Global Forum team will contact you with an invoice for your annual membership fee. If there are any questions or further review required, you will be notified and kept informed of the status.

How can I submit a Participation Agreement?

You can submit the Participation Agreement in one of the following ways
o Online
o Download and email a copy to [email protected]
o Download and mail a copy using the contact information listed on the form.


What are membership fees?

Membership fees are set by the IOWN Global Forum Board of Directors. Currently IOWN Global Forum offers two classes of membership which companies can self select based on their intended involvement in the IOWN Global Forum. The annual Sponsor Membership fee is $50,000 USD; the annual General Membership fee is $20,000.

How long is the membership term?

Membership is active for 1 (one) year from the month you join. If an organization joins in May 31, 2020, their membership will be active for one year until May 30, 2021, at which point their membership will be eligible for renewal.

What payment methods are accepted?

IOWN Global Forum can accept payment by check or wire transfer. All necessary details to process payment are included on your invoice.

Are the membership dues inclusive of taxes and fees?

In the event any governmental authority imposes any sales, use or excise tax, duty, custom, levy, fee, or any other tax, charge or fee of any nature whatsoever related to the payment of the membership fees (collectively, the “Tax”), member shall be responsible to pay the Tax in full to ensure IOWN Global Forum collects the entire amount of its membership fees.