IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook Summarizes Technology Gaps; Paper Proposes Ways Forward For A Smarter World

Wakefield, MA – April 14, 2021The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum (IOWN GF) released its first technical deliverable today. The paper, titled “IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook,” was published and made publicly available for the purpose of discussion.

The IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook paper identifies technology gaps between current technologies and the key requirements of use cases described in the Use Case Interim Report.  Based on the identified technology gaps, the paper proposes the concepts of a new heterogeneous infrastructure architecture, Data-Centric Infrastructure (DCI), and an open and disaggregated photonic network architecture, Open All Photonic Network (Open APN). The paper also presents work items to complete DCI and Open APN.

“The DCI and Open-APN architectures together will form a unique and innovative approach that will help deliver a quantum leap in performance and the development of ultra-reliable networking and computing infrastructures. The IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook paper documents reference architectures and specific work items that IOWN GF will solve in the near future to achieve these goals.  I encourage the industry to read and discuss the contents of the paper.” said Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Ph.D., president and chairperson of the board, IOWN Global Forum. “It is one of a series of documents that describe how IOWN GF will develop fundamental technologies in communication, computing, data, and energy efficiency for a quantum leap performance improvement enabling a much smarter world with advanced applications, including digital twin computing.”

The IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook paper is necessary because current technologies only meet a subset of the requirements needed for the development of future advanced services.  The IOWN GF System and Technology Outlook paper also outlines its Phase 1 deliverables, which will be completed in December 2021.

Defining A New Global Communications Infrastructure

Founded in 2020 by NTT, Intel, and Sony, IOWN GF more than 40 corporate and research organizations as members, among them, Toyota, Microsoft, Dell, Deloitte, Cisco, and Nvidia, recognize that societies and their communications infrastructures are stressed by a growing host of demands. To meet this challenge IOWN GF proposes the creation of paradigm-shifting, next-generation communications infrastructure being defined by IOWN GF to help create a smarter, more connected world and capable of managing the world’s ever-increasing need for data processing, bandwidth and speed.

With various new technologies, such as digital twin computing, they will also help realize fully connected, intelligent, and more sustainable societies.  Members of IOWN GF acknowledge and are mapping their approaches to the World Economic Forum’s multi-stakeholder discussions on governance of new technologies, and the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


IOWN GF’s objective is to accelerate innovation and adoption of a new communication infrastructure to meet our future data and computing requirements through the development of new technologies, frameworks, specifications and reference design in areas such as Photonics R&D, Distributed Connected Computing and Use Cases and Best Practices.

Technology, telecommunications, and other industry organizations are invited to join the forum. Based in the United States, IOWN GF membership opportunities are available. More details on IOWN GF and membership information can be found at: