Diverse membership across industries and markets highlights broad scope of impact

Wakefield, MA – Aug 30, 2022 – The IOWN Global Forum continues to outpace expectations for momentum, technical deliverables, and membership growth now surpassing the 100 members milestone. Founded in January 2020 by NTT, Intel, and Sony to realize a new generation computing and communication infrastructure, the membership of the Forum includes leaders across a diversity of industries covering information technology, manufacturing, telecom, finance, chemical, printing, construction, and academia.

“We at Preferred Networks are glad to be one of the recent new members that pushed the IOWN Global Forum’s membership to 100,” said Toru Nishikawa, Chief Executive Officer of Preferred Networks. “We look forward to contributing to the success of the Forum with our expertise in deep learning, simulation, and supercomputers.”

“Mizuho Financial Group wishes to thank those who have already made significant contributions to the success of the Forum and we look forward to creating new financial services through collaboration with IOWN Global Forum members,” said Ken Ashida, Managing Executive Officer of Mizuho Bank. “Mizuho Financial Group is excited to develop new financial services designed on the basis of ultra-low latency communications and sophisticated, ultra-low power consumption (low carbon emission) AI analytics. Mizuho Financial Group expects the IOWN Global Forum to create a next-generation communications infrastructure and bring innovation to the financial industry.”

A spokesperson from Hazama Ando Corporation shared, “We, Hazama Ando Corporation, believes that the All-Photonics Network and photonics-electronics convergence technology is the shortcut to innovate the conventional construction works. Together with IOWN Global Forum, we would like to realize safer and more efficient construction through real-time monitoring of construction sites and full automation of construction machinery.”

“Earlier this month it was our great pleasure to surpass the 100th member milestone. We look forward to collaborating with both new and existing members towards our 2030 Vision of a connected world,” said IOWN Global Forum President and Chairperson, Dr. Katsuhiko Kawazoe. “It is remarkable how much we have already accomplished in less than three short years.”

This milestone is celebrated less than six months since the IOWN Global Forum released its Vision 2030 Roadmap and its six Reference Documents “Starter Pack.” And now work is well underway to deliver innovative Proofs of Concept before the end of 2022. Combined, these accomplishments demonstrate strength, momentum, and engagement across industries including over 90 participating organizations at the Forum’s most recent Member Meeting. These trends well position the IOWN Global Forum as the emerging industry consortium realizing a new all-photonics communication network.

About IOWN Global Forum

IOWN Global Forum’s objective is to accelerate innovation and adoption of a new communication infrastructure to meet our future data and computing requirements through the development of new technologies, frameworks, specifications, and reference designs in areas such as photonics R&D, distributed computing, use cases and best practices.

Details on IOWN Global Forum and membership information can be found at: https://iowngf.org.


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