It is imperative to move at the pace of innovation, to look around the corner to prepare for the next step change. The time is now to look beyond current Internet technologies to build the future communications frontier. This will demand industry wide collaboration; behavior shifts and giant advances in technology.  The Forum is committed to delivering on the promise of a better world for all global citizens. A world that improves the way humans live and interact with technology, and each other.

Making our world smarter does not simply mean that everything becomes interconnected and highly automated. It is a foundational change; it will shift how we interact with technology to ensure it becomes a natural and pervasive part of everyday life. It must be personal, it must be useful, it must be intelligent to guarantee that people will trust it and will want to engage with it. True success comes when people are using technology without even realizing it.

This revolution will see entire industries be disrupted and change and possibly even vanish, while new industries and ecosystems will emerge. Virtually every facet of business and society today will witness tremendous change.