Technology Steering Committee

Chair: Clara Li, Intel and Vice Chair: Lieven Levrau, Nokia. The Technology Steering Committee provides Technical Working Group oversight. It assists the Board on the Working Groups’ management and operation including adhering to the IOWN Global Forum’s Bylaws, IPR Policy, and Operating Procedure.

The Technology Steering Committee is also responsible for cross-working group coordination, work item selection and prioritization, resource and workload planning.

Technology Working Group

Chair:  Masahisa Kawashima, NTT and Vice Chair: Gary Li, Intel. The Technology Working Group attempts to identify technical domains, scopes and content that must be developed in the IOWN Global Forum. When scope, content, interest, and participation of a particular technical domain become mature and sufficient, it is expected that it will spin off to become a separate domain-specific Working Group. The Technology Working Group will guide the formation of domain-specific working groups for technology and specification development such as Working Group focusing on optical signal processing and components, Working Group focusing on distributed computing, Working Group focusing on optical and wireless networking, Working Group focusing on interface between device and network, etc. The Technology Working Group is responsible to set up the scope, the content and expected deliverables of the domain-specific Working Groups. The technology Working Group may also conduct preliminary designs and evaluations on the identified technology domains in order to better guide the formation of the domain-specific Working Groups.

Liaison Working Group

Chair: Hans Werner Bitzer, NEC and Vice Chair: Yoshinori Goto, NTT. The Liaison Working Group is responsible to prepare, setup, and maintain official liaison relationship relevant to the IOWN Global Forum, supports the Board in defining and updating the Forum’s liaison strategy, and supports the coordination of Working Groups and Task Forces in producing Liaison Statements. It is the intention of IOWN Global Forum to cooperate closely and engage collaboratively with external organizations.
The Liaison Working Group closely aligns with the Vision and the Marketing Steering Committees.

Vision Steering Committee

Chair: Geraldine Calvignac, Orange. The Vision Steering Committee oversees, coordinates, and aligns working groups related to users, customers, and businesses values, such as the Use Case Working Group. Additionally, the Vision Steering Committee cooperates closely with the Technology Steering Committee to share function and performance requirements and/or key technology capabilities in order to accelerate Working Group activities.

The Vision Steering Committee oversees the operations of the Use Case Working Group and other related working groups adhering to the IOWN Global Forum’s Governing Documents. It works with leadership on cross-Working Group coordination, work item selection and prioritization, and resource and workload planning. It also works with the Working Groups leadership to set basic visions and directions of focusing values in order to prioritize Working Group plans. The Vision Steering Committee reports to the Board on work plans, progress, outstanding issues, and deliverables, and assists the Board with Working Group management and operation.

Use Case Working Group

Chair: Katsutoshi Itoh, Sony and Vice Chair: Andres Arjona, Nokia. The Use Case Working Group creates future innovative use case scenarios made possible by the new capabilities and technologies proposed by the IOWN Global Forum. The output of This Working Group will help define the goals of the IOWN Global Forum technology development.

This Working Group will develop varied use cases that support the IOWN Global Forum’s vision. The use cases created will be key drivers in influencing the direction of R&D as well as the development of performance requirements for IOWN Global Forum’s other technology working groups.

Marketing Steering Committee

Chair: Gonzalo Camarillo, Ericsson. The Marketing Steering Committee raises awareness of the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) and the IOWN Global Forum by planning and driving marketing communications programs. In collaboration with several task forces, the Committee’s primary activities include Industry Events and Conferences, Member Meetings, Publications like Pitch Decks and Press Releases, and an extensive Video Production Effort.