IOWN Global Forum’s objective is to accelerate innovation and adoption of a new communication infrastructure to meet our future data and computing requirements through the development of new technologies, frameworks, specifications and reference designs, use cases and best practices.  The IOWN Global Forum and its members are fully aware of and supportive of the cooperative and open approaches in the scientific, technological, and standardization communities that have led to the successful innovation of services and solutions we are witnessing. IOWN Global Forum is determined to be an active member and good citizen of these communities.

Therefore, it is the intention of IOWN Global Forum to cooperate closely and engage collaboratively with external organizations. To enable these partnerships, IOWN Global Forum is in the process of establishing a liaison program and beginning engagements with relevant partners. Below is a non exhaustive list of organizations that we have begun our engagement with:


At this time, all liaison communications to the IOWN Global Forum from both established and prospective partners should be sent to [email protected].