Join the IOWN Global Forum

IOWN Global Forum aims to bring together like-minded companies to create a smarter world experienced in the daily lives of billions of people. When you join the IOWN Global Forum, you are joining best-in-class partners committed to solving a number of challenges facing society today to create a next-generation communications infrastructure for tomorrow.

Join the IOWN Global Forum today to work on both technology components and use cases for enabling a smarter world.

Membership Benefits and Fees

IOWN Global Forum offers two classes of membership.

Sponsor Member

50,000 USD / year

For companies that are willing to commit time and resources to realize the world of IOWN.


  • Eligible for Board of Directors seat
  • Eligible to vote in Board of Directors election
  • Approval of final documents (Board only)
  • Eligible for Member Committee Chair/Vice Chair/Member
  • Eligible for Working Group Chair
  • Includes General members benefits

General Member

20,000 USD / year

For companies that are interested in the world of IOWN and want to be a part of its development.


  • Eligible for Working Group Vice Chair
  • May propose new work items
  • May participate & vote in Working Groups
  • May observe Working Groups
  • Attend F2F events (i.e. member meetings)
  • Promote involvement in the Forum
  • Access to documents in progress
  • Access to published documents

Steps to Join

Join the IOWN Global Forum in just three steps!

  1. Review the IOWN Global Forum Forum Bylaws, IPR Policy, and Participation Agreement and submit the Participation Agreement.
    Any questions can be directed to [email protected], who can provide answers or connect you with a resource within the IOWN Global Forum as needed.
    Your agreement will be reviewed by the IOWN Global Forum membership team for completeness within 1 – 3 business days. If there are no questions you will receive an email from CongaSign to execute the Agreement or otherwise have the Agreement executed; the individual executing the Participation Agreement on behalf of the applicant Company warrants that he or she has all requisite signing authority for and on behalf of the entity seeking entry .

  2. Execute the Participation Agreement
    The IOWN Global Forum Board of Directors will review all Participation Agreements. The review period takes one week, after which the IOWN Global Forum team will send you welcome materials with an invoice for your annual membership fee. If there are any questions or further review required, you will be notified and kept informed of the status.

  3. Pay applicable initial Membership Fee associated with the Member Classification level selected.
    Membership privileges will commence upon acceptance of the Agreement by the IOWN Global Forum Board of Directors, which shall occur after the receipt of the applicable initial Membership Fee associated with the Member Classification level selected.